Registration Closed

26 September at 5:00pm at
Marine City Yacht Club

Please bring a dessert to share

If you have any questions, contact:
Kathy Barber -

Use the Paypal buttons below to pay online.  Register one person at a time.  
Use the drop down to choose the meal that you want, then type the name of
the person that's getting this meal.  Then press the "Add to Cart" Button.  This
will take you to the shopping cart.  At the shopping cart, Press the "Continue
Shopping" button to come back to this page to add additional persons.  Once
back at this page go through the process a second time for the next person.
Once you have everyone registered and you're in the shopping cart, press the
"checkout" button to pay with a credit card, or the Paypal button to pay with a
Paypal account.