Calling all Volunteers!  We need your help!

On 9 September, 1813 a small band of volunteer farmers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky achieved a feat that many European nation states of professional sailors had sought for centuries prior. Under the Command of Oliver Hazard Perry, this motley crew of farmers, militia, and freed slaves, defeated the entire British Lake Erie Squadron. It was the first time in history that an entire British Squadron had ever been defeated in naval combat. It was also the first fleet action victory in the history of The United States Navy. This victory was the turning point in a war that was not going well for the Americans.  It secured the frontier against a Western invasion force, and also secured the lands that would eventually become the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. This event forever altered the course of our newly founded nation.

We are again calling for Volunteers for a new mission!  On 2 September, 2013 (Labor Day) the Battle of Lake Erie will be fought once again.  Tall ships from various nations will assemble into the West Basin of Lake Erie to reenact this historic battle. Activities will take place for two straight weeks around the Labor Day weekend.  These events will culminate on 2 September when the actual battle reenactment is going to take place.  The Brig Niagara will break the line and rake the British vessels with broadsides from both sides for the second time in 200 years.

The people that have organized this battle reenactment have approached the USPS seeking volunteers.  The volunteer vessels are designated as Safety Vessels.  Safety Vessels will be furnished with a bright colored burgee to fly, so that they are recognizable and distinguished from the spectator vessels that arrive to watch the battle reenactment.  The Safety Vessels will have two missions:  1:assist the USCG and other government agencies enforce an exclusion zone around the reenactment zone and around each tall ship. 2:assist any vessels with any type of emergency.

It is recommended (not required) that volunteer vessels be approximately 30 feet or larger, with an enclosed head.  It is likely that we are going to be out in the middle of the lake for many hours on that day.  The reenactment takes place near the following position: 41°44.5'N 083°02.0'W.  There are other requirements for the Safety vessels that I can cover with the captains that are interested in participating. All vessels must have minimum of two people on board: one captain and one crew.  We are seeking volunteers for both Captains and crew.  Even if you don't have a boat, we can get you paired up with a Captain.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a safety boat, you can sign up using this web form, or alternatively download this form and return to Sam Insalaco as instructed on the form.  (Please choose one or the other, not both!)  If you have any questions about volunteering to assist, you can contact the following:

P/C Bob Mueller, JN        440-385-4041

P/R/C Sam Insalaco, SN  216-272-3964

For more information about the Bicentennial or if you would like to sign up to be a spectator instead of a Safety Boat:

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