I would like
to introduce myself:  I am P/C Bob Mueller, JN.  I am a Past Commander of Berea Power Squadron.  I have been boating my entire life.  I boated as a child with my family.  We had a 26' Regal that we kept at Bay Point Marina in Marblehead, OH.  When my brother and I got older, we stopped staying on the boat as a family.  My family sold the Regal and bought a 23' Wellcraft bowrider, that we used as a day boat.  In my late teens and college years, my father would occasionally let me take the boat out by myself.  Before I was permitted to do that, he made me watch a Power Squadron VHS cassette tape that reviewed the rules of the road and regulations.  Hard to believe that was my first introduction to an organization that would later change my life.  After college I decided to get my own boat and I purchased a 22' Wellcraft with a cuddy cabin.  I used that for about 5 years on Lake Erie until I decided to get my current boat, a 30' Slickcraft named
    I thought the name Funautical was very appropriate.  It is a boat, so the name had to have a nautical reference, and I am a fanatic when it comes to boating!  I love boating and don't miss a weekend to spend on the boat.  Funautical is berthed in West Harbor on Catawba Island, OH.  
My wife and I use Funautical to cruise all around the West Basin of Lake Erie and beyond!  2014 is my 13th summer with this boat.   I can't believe that much time has flown by!
    We have cruised Funautical up the Detroit River, into Lake St. Clair, then up the St. Clair River into southern Lake Huron a few times.  We also trailered the boat to the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands region of New York and Canada.  I have cruised Funautical in four out of the five great lakes (and Lake St. Clair), hopefully some day I can get her into Lake Superior?
    Joining the Power Squadron has been one of the best decisions of my boating "hobby" and one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.  I never thought I could meet so many fine people in one organization!  I have made many friends that I know will last a lifetime. 
    When I first joined, I just joined to take a couple classes, to make myself a
more proficient boater.  Once I got to know the people, I could not let my membership end there.  I really wanted to give back to this wonderful organization.  I started out by designing and maintaining the Berea Power Squadron website, and going on a couple cruises.  I served on a couple committees and helped out at the Public Boating Course as a proctor.  After that, I decided to apply to be on the bridge.  I started out as Secretary for two years and then moved up to Administrative Officer for one year and then served as Executive Officer for one year and then I proudly served as Commander for one year.  These years on the bridge have given me an entirely new appreciation of the Power Squadron.  I have started to meet other local units and have gotten to know the other good people that make up the excellent Squadrons that surround our own.  I look forward to serving Berea Power Squadron in other areas in the future.  I currently serve as a Public Boating Course instructor, I am a Vessel Safety Check Officer, and I am also the Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team Leader.
    If you have any questions about Berea Power Squadron or the United States Power Squadrons, feel free to contact me.

P/C Bob Mueller, JN