America's Boating Course Registration

When you take America's Boating Course, there a few options that I need to discuss with you.  There are two charges that are incurred for taking the course.
There is a potential third charge for chart plotting tools if the course you select includes chart plotting.

Registration Fee
    There is a registration fee for each student that takes the course.  This fee varies from location to location.   The fee covers the cost that the location charges us to teach there, the cost to administer the test, and the postage to mail in registration forms to the State of Ohio.  Each student taking the course and taking the test must be charged this registration fee.

    Our textbook is an excellent resource, and we encourage you to hold on to it after the course is complete.  You may even want to find a space to stow it aboard your vessel, as it provides a great reference tool.  The text book can be shared between a couple or shared among an entire family.  The course will include some homework and reading assignments to be completed at home.  It can be challenging for an entire family to read one text book.  Each text book also includes a CD-ROM with navigation software and an electronic version of the course presentation.  You are not required to purchase a text book to take the course or take the test, but it is STRONGLY recommended that you purchase a text book, so that you can do the reading at home and complete the homework.  

Course Plotting Tools (not all courses include chart plotting)
    America's Boating Course can be taught with the chart plotting sections or it can be taught without the chart plotting sections.  The chart plotting sections are not required to be taught to those individuals looking to complete Ohio's Mandatory Boater Education law, or take a NASBLA certified course.  However all persons venturing out on larger bodies of water such as Lake Erie are strongly encouraged to complete those sections.  Please make sure that you are aware whether the plotting sections are covered in the particular course time and location you are attending.
    The plotting tools consist of a course plotter and a divider for measuring distance.  Both items are high quality items manufactured by Weems & Plath.  They are suitable for all your paper chart navigation needs for boating on Lake Erie, and they will also help you measure waypoints from a paper chart to enter into a GPS.  If you already have your own course plotter and a pair of dividers, you are welcome to bring those to the course.  There are many different tools available to chart a course and plot distance.  You are welcome to use tools that you are already comfortable using.  However, the book specifically explains how to use the tools that we offer, and does not cover the use of other types of plotting tools such as parallel rules. 
    You must have plotting tools if you are taking the chart plotting sections. Unless you already have these tools, we recommend that you buy them from us. They are good tools and you will be hard pressed to find them at a lower price.
Course Tools are slightly different then what is depicted in this photo.