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Ohio House: "Boater Freedom Act"

posted Jun 6, 2013, 1:22 PM by Bob Mueller

    Ohio House Bill 29 passed today, also known as the “Boater Freedom Act,” establishes conditions for watercraft safety inspections.  House Bill 29 eliminates intrusive searches without probable cause of suspicion.
    This bill must also pass the State Senate and be signed by the Governor before becoming law.  Please keep in mind, if this bill becomes law, it would only apply to State and local agencies.  The United States Coast Guard is a federal agency and is exempt from following this law.  The USCG will still be able to perform mandatory safety checks without having any reasonable suspicion.
    In all law enforcement boardings it is recommended that you remain calm, courteous and professional to the officers at all times.  It is also recommended that you contact Berea Power Squadron for a Vessel Safety Check.  If you have passed a Vessel Safety check you can be confident that you have all the equipment that is required by law.