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USCG New Years tradition

posted Jan 10, 2011, 1:57 PM by Bob Mueller
As is customary in maritime tradition, crewmembers at Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan made the final log entry of their watch on Dec. 31, 2010, in rhyme.

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Four of us on watch, on a cold Mid-west night
Securing Lake Michigan until dawns early light.

The Sector is quiet, there's nothing to share
the temperature is low, but the visibility is fair.

This last log entry closes the chapter of Two thousand Ten,
Looking back on all that has happened, oh what a year it has been.

Mojica has the West Side, Shevchook has the East
Whether Jimmy Johns or Classic Slice, its sure to be a feast.

No Capsized vessels to speak of, the water has become Ice
A trip down south to clean up oil, about now sounds real nice.

The Asian Carp are all secured by the electrified barriers
No vessels are crossing the lake, not even the car carriers.

This SAR season was the busiest we can recently recall
Now with all this snow, it’s a very welcome lull.

We've got Capt Barndt, Prevention, Response, and the Deputy
With their cell phone on the ready, whatever the call may be.

Our Teammates are on watch at District Nine, Detroit and even the SOO
Many sorties were completed this year, by the 65's that flew.

All station small boats have been put to their winter rest
It's the time for Ice rescue training so that we can be the best.

From SAROPS to MISLE all documentation is complete,
Thank you to all the watch standers who have sat in this seat.

Right now the radios are silent, our watch is being manned
We think and pray for the other services over in the sand.

This year has had it trials but we all continue to strive
To be the Guardian on watch, so that others may survive.

As this past year comes to a close, let us all look back and reflect
Continuing to serve with Devotion to Duty, Honor and Respect.