Getting Started

    Thank you for your interest in Squadron Emergency Response Assistance Team. This is an exciting program of the USPS. At the USPS national level, SERAT is part of the Squadron Activities Committee. All the members of the committee are prepared to support any individual unit looking to start their own SERAT.

    Membership on the SERAT is open to any member of the United States Power Squadrons who is willing to volunteer his or her services with the qualifications listed for each type of membership.


    Every SERAT vessel must have a minimum of two persons on board: one captain and one crew.  The SERAT captain must have the following
qualifications: Grade P (Piloting) or higher, Trained in First Aid & CPR, Trained in USCG Search Patters, ICS-100, wear a USCG certified PFD at all times.  SERAT crew must have: attained grade S (Seamanship) or higher, Trained in First Aid & CPR, wear a USCG certified PFD at all times.  All 
SERAT vessels must have: a current VSC, a VHF radio, Basic First Aid kit, and one tethered throwable device.

Squadron Support

    SERAT can not function without the support of your local Squadron.  One of the first steps in creating a SERAT is to have the executive committee of your local unit pass a motion authorizing SERAT.  This is required for the USPS liability insurance to cover SERAT functions as an officially recognized event.
    You will also need additional SERAT members!  You are encouraged to get other members in your local unit excited about SERAT as well.  This is a very rewarding program!  Don't be discouraged if you are the only person in your Squadron that wishes to participate in SERAT.  One person, one boat, can make an enormous difference.

Once you have created a SERAT, please fill out the registration form and submit the form to the national committee members.  For more information about SERAT, feel free to contact the following people:

Stf/C Jim Strothers, SN-IN

Stf/C Michael Neal, P 

William Helfers, AP 

P/C Bob Mueller, JN

Lt/C Henry Schwartz 

P/C Leon Warshaw, S

Cdr Fred Deppert, AP

Fire Service Consultant
Captain Tim Barrett, Training Officer
Sanibel Fire and Rescue District
2351 Palm Ridge Road
Sanibel, FL 33957

Bob Mueller,
May 13, 2014, 11:33 AM