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Members Only

Renew your membership:
If you don't know  your certificate number, you
can email the bridge and someone will respond
and give it to you.

Co-op Charting:

Information about our:
The Meeting Minutes are a password protected page.  Email to obtain the password.

National Roster.  To find contact information for a member of United States Power Squadrons, click on the link above to do a search. Enter Squadron #: 0495 to limit your seach to Berea Power Squadron members only.

Send a blast email by viewing the Berea Power Squadron Roster on the National Website.  You must have your PIN on the national website established.

Unattached Members:
Some members of USPS are not attached to a local squadron.  Some of these members are referred to as being a member of the "Cyber Squadron" some members came from USPS University, and some are simply unattached to a local Squadron for various other reasons.  Use this link to view the unattached members closest to Berea Power Squadron.

For members that have an webmail
account, can access their webmail with the following URL:

Officers Guide:
A Great Collection of links that all Squadron Officers should review

Member Status:
This Report will list non-renewals, past members, etc.