Berea Power Squadron now has a twitter feed!

Below are the instructions to add the feed to your iPhone.  I'll try to find someone that can create Android Instructions.

  1. Install Twitter from the app store
  2. Wait for the app to complete downloading before proceeding
  3. iPhone Settings -> Twitter
  4. Scroll down and Tap "Create New Account" at bottom
    • (unless you already have a Twitter Account)
  5. Type your Full Name: First Last
  6. pick a username
  7. Type a password
  8. I recommend leaving both switches "off"
  9. Tap "Sign Up"
  10. Press iPhone Home Button
  11. iPhone Settings -> Notifications

  12. Scroll Down to Twitter
  13. Notification Center Switch: "On"
  14. Alert Style: Banners
  15. Badge App Icon "On"
  16. Sounds "On"
  17. Press iPhone Home Button
  18. Open "Twitter" App
  19. Skip finding contacts
  20. Skip finding people to follow
  21. Tap Magnifying Glass
  22. Type: "BereaPowerSquad"
  23. Tap BereaPowerSquad from list below
  24. Tap "Follow" button.
  25. Should now say "Following"
  26. Tap Profile button
  27. Tap "Turn On Notifications"
  28. Next Tap "Home"
  29. Finished!

Bob Mueller,
Jun 4, 2013, 6:46 AM