Monthly Meetings

    The meetings take place 

    The Berea Power Squadron holds a regular business meeting of the Executive Committee at the Berea Elks Lodge on the first Tuesday of every month (except July & August) at 1930. (7:30pm for you landlubbers).   Our meetings are not mandatory for any members, they are optional.  The meetings are "town hall" style meetings, which means that all members in attendance are invited to not only attend, but also participate in the Executive Committee meetings.  This is your Squadron, come voice your opinion to help us chart our path and steer our course into the future.  The first Tuesday in March we hold our Annual Meeting.  This meeting is distinct as it is where we elect our bridge for the next year.

    At the meetings, we discuss operation of the squadron and debate the various issues that we need to tackle to make Berea Squadron a success.  After the meeting is adjourned, we reconvene in the Elks Lodge bar for a social hour.  Feel free to attend the meeting, or feel free to come after the meeting is over, for some good cheer and very inexpensive drinks downstairs.

    If you would like to brush up on our meeting protocol, we use Roberts Rules. While it may seem a little formal and stuffy, Parliamentary procedure is used to conduct debate with the least possible friction in order to allow the minority their voice.  It also allows us to make group decisions efficiently as possible.